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We are a small luxury cat breeder based in Portland, Oregon. We breed feline friends and kitten companions for a lifetime of love.

Our company is founded on sharing our love of kitties and our knowledge of pet care. Our cat breeding program is all done in our free-range home facility that allows the kitties to interact and grow socially in a normal home environment instead of contained in cages. With an on-call veterinarian relationship, we put the health of our cats first and put the utmost care into preparing the kittens to transition to a new family.

We are confident that our kittens will arrive at your home happy and healthy!


Hi! We are Danielle and Brandon, founders of MiniFolds in Portland, OR, USA.

"Meow, meow, meow." - A quote from all our cats.

That's all our cats tell us, but we can tell they really love us!

The Dam: Frankie

The Dam: Frankie

Frankie is our female Scottish Fold cat for breeding. She is a sweet companion, lover of fetch, and a great mama kitty. Frankie was chosen for breeding for her fabulous personality, her smarts, and of course, her gorgeous rare golden chincilla fur. She follows us around the house with curiosity and to offer her cuddly love. She is obsessed with playing fetch with her paper ball. And she loves a good blanket cave.

The Sire: Chowder

The Sire: Chowder

Chowder is our male Munchkin cat for breeding. His parents were a Munchkin and a beautiful Siberian cat, giving him is lovely lynx coat. His classic munchkin personality makes him an attentive, playful cat with an affinity for learning tricks! Munchkins are great for individuals who love a dog-like personality with the independence of a cat. Chowder loves to chat, play with feathers, and get long luxurious belly rubs.

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Luxury Bred Feline Friends.