Status: Adopted!

Dumpling has a beautiful rare golden chinchilla coat and wears it with pride. She will grow into a regal beauty but with cute munchkin legs! Dumpling tends to be a quieter kitten of the bunch but is still very playful with her litter mates. She loves to play with little catnip toys and carry paper balls around in her mouth for fetch!

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Status: Adopted!

Squash is the silly kitten of the bunch. She loves to play with humans and run around with her siblings! Squash is a dopey, friendly kitten with fur that is as soft as a bunny. A playful kitten now, we imagine she will mellow out to be a super cuddly friend. 

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Pop Tart
Status: Adopted!

Pop Tart is one of only two boys in this litter. He has the body of a regular cat with the spirit of a munchkin kitten - curious, playful, and always friendly. Pop Tart loves shoelaces and playing with humans, and we imagine he will quickly learn to play fetch just like his mama! He will make a great joyful addition to any family. 

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Status: Adopted!

Lentil is our one and only munchkin scottish fold kitten! He is a curious kitten that likes to watch others play more than he likes to join in. He often is off playing by himself rather than with the group, so we imagine he will transition to a home very easily. Lentil is an adorable rare breed!

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Status: Adopted!

Tater is a rambunctious, fun-loving kitten. She loves playing with toy balls, hair ties, and anything she can get her sweet little paws on! As a curious kitten, Tater loves running around and playing with other cats and kittens. With the appropriate preparation and introduction, Tater would be a great addition to a home with other nice pets and gentle children.

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Status: Adopted!

Maple is the biggest sweetheart of the bunch. Don't let her sleepy eyes fool you - she loves to play, but her dominant traits are that of a calm kitten who is always up for some pets and a good nap. She is quiet and gentle and is sure to be a great cozy friend. 

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Chandler Bing
Status: Adopted!

Chandler is a handsome kitten with a very rare golden 'chinchilla' coat. He likes to explore and often will wander around the house to inspect what is happening! Chandler is independent and rambunctious, but loves a good cuddle once he is worn out.

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Joey Tribbiani
Status: Adopted!

Joey is a rowdy, fun-loving kitten who is always ready to play. He is a huge fan of feather toys and paper balls. We expect him to start playing fetch soon just like his mama Frankie!

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Phoebe Buffay
Status: Adopted!

As the only Munchkin of this litter, Phoebe is an adorable ball of fun. She loves cuddling and lounging. Sometimes Phoebe prefers to watch others play with humans, but once she warms up to the human she is eager to join the fun.

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Rachel Green
Status: Adopted!

Rachel is a bright, bold kitten who is curious and playful. She is usually the first one of the litter to approach humans who want to play, and will freely wander wherever her curiosity takes her.

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