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Joining the waitlist will give you prioritized choice of kittens in upcoming litters in accordance to your spot on the list. Securing a waitlist spot requires a $200 nonrefundable deposit. This fee will go toward the purchase price of your kitten. If a kitten of your choice is not born in the next litter, you may choose to pass and remain in your spot on the waitlist.
We cannot guarantee any specific kitten characteristics in upcoming litters; deposits will not be refunded due to preferences. By submitting a deposit, you are acknowledging you’ve read our contract and are aware of our kitten prices. Deposits will not be refunded due to household / finance / circumstance / decision changes, allergies, or length of time on waitlist due to deferral.

As of May 2020, our waitlist is approximately two months. This can greatly vary depending on litter size, timing, and kitten characteristics. If you are flexible with kitten characteristics, you may be able to bring home a kitten much sooner!

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By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

In terms below the word “Breeder” and MiniFolds LLC may be used interchangeably. “Owner” refers to signee of contract.

Kitten will be an indoor pet only. Owner will never surrender or sell kitten to a research facility, breeding facility, pet shop, or shelter. In the event that an adoptive owner is unable or unwilling to care for the kitten, owner or family of owner will notify MiniFolds and offer kitten back to the breeder. Shipping and/or veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the owner and no refunds will be given in this case. MiniFolds reserves the right to deny purchase of kitten to any person, and in such a rare case, deposit would be refunded.

To the best knowledge of the breeder, kitten is free of any and all genetic defects, malformations, and sickness at time of sale. Kittens are veterinarian-verified healthy before release to new owner. Breeder guarantee against genetic malformations is provided for 180 days. New owner has 7 days to take kitten to veterinarian to verify health. If kitten is not verified as healthy, owner has 72 hours to return kitten to breeder in order to exchange for equal value or return to first choice on our reservation list. If new owner returns a kitten, written reasoning of genetic or permanent health issues must be provided by veterinarian, Failure to have kitten examined within 7 days of receipt will void all health guarantees. If kitten is introduced to other animals before veterinarian health verification, all guarantees are void as MiniFolds is not responsible for transmittable diseases, injury or death caused by other animals of and/or outside the household of new owner. All sales final 14 days after receipt of kitten.

Owner will receive New Kitten Packet upon receipt of kitten which outlines many details on taking care of kitten, including but not limited to feeding and care guide, poison warnings, vaccine and alteration requirements, flea, worm and pest control, behavioral training and interaction, etc.

Upon release at 12-16 weeks of age, as readiness to part from mother will be determined by breeder, kitten will have received initial vaccines, deworming, and veterinary checkups to ensure kitten is healthy and free from genetic defects, malformations and sickness. Individualized vaccine records and schedules will be given to every new owner for their new kitten. Owner agree to complete the vaccination schedule with their veterinarian to receive protection from disease. All guarantees are null and void if vaccinations are not completed by owner.

Kitten is not permitted to be used for breeding. If you are interested in breeding your kitten, please contact us at hello@minifolds.com to discuss purchasing the breeding rights and we can send you the breeding addendum to add to this agreement. Kitten must be spayed or neutered by seven months of age. Verification must be sent to miniFolds; failure to do so will result in an additional charge for breeding rights regardless of your intention to breed or not. Costs to spay or neuter is full responsibility of owner.

Owner acknowledges and pledges responsibility of the lifelong care needs of a cat including yearly vaccines, monthly flea and heartworm prevention, and other veterinary care possibly needed throughout cat’s life. Recommendations for all veterinary care will be provided in New Owner Packet.

Owner will provide kitten a quality diet of cat food and fresh water provided daily. Feeding guide will be provided by breeder in New Owner Packet upon receipt of kitten. Owner acknowledges that human food should not be permitted as many items are poisonous to kittens and cats and will cause sickness or death. A list of dangerous foods, cleaning products, etc will be provided in New Kitten Packet.

Deposit is nonrefundable. By submitting this contract you agree to the price listed for the name of the kitten you list above. Prices are listed directly on page.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to this contract with miniFolds LLC.


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